Mountain Rescue Trauma Risk Management Practitioner

Course Outline

The TRiM Practitioner course provides individuals working within organisations who do not have any specialist medical or psychological expertise with both the knowledge and skills to become a MR TRiM Practitioner.

Practitioners are encouraged to use already existing personnel management systems to assist normally distressed individuals to recover and, where necessary, ensure that those who require it are referred for appropriate treatment at an early stage.

In a nutshell it is a two day training course to give people some basic skills in peer support to MR related stress that might arise from what we are sometimes asked to do in MR.  The course is fully compliant with the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and is used by many major organisations where its members/employees work in stressful situations, such as Armed Forces, Police, BBC etc…

Who is running the Course?

Angela Lewis from Gannet (Rescue 177) is an experienced TRiM practitioner and team leader who has run courses with the Royal Navy and was instrumental in introducing it to Gannet SAR.  This also means that she understands what we do.

About Angela  “I have been in the Royal Navy for 15 years specialising as a helicopter Observer (navigator, winch operator, winchman, medic) and aircraft commander (with the responsibility for achieving a mission and safety of all crew) with the last 11 years in Search and Rescue. One of the most experienced Observers in UK SAR, I have been involved with over 500 rescues ranging from the Gulf War in 2003 to many mountain call outs in Scotland. I have developed an interest in the support systems that go alongside aviation, people management as well as a Crew Resource Management (the interpersonal skills that make a team work better together) Instructor, I have trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (another similar concept to TRiM) to try to find the best support for a MR environment.”

Who can do the course?

Please download the document here for this information.

Pre-course requirements

Candidates are asked to be sure that they have an interest in the subject and be comfortable with role play as a training tool. You should also feel that you meet the requirements in the downloaded “who can do the course” document.

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