Mountain Rescue Ireland

Following courses are available to Scottish Mountain Rescue Team members.

They are not subsidised by Scottish MR and the full course cost will apply as indicated.

SAR Party Leader Course 2014

The MRI SAR Party Leader Course will take place from the Friday10th – Sunday 12th January 2014 in Gortatole Outdoor Education Centre Co. Fermanagh.

This course is designed for Mountain Rescue Responders who have completed all probationary training and are active on their team’s callout list.

The course starts at 7:30PM on the Friday evening and finishes at approximately 2PM on Sunday afternoon.  The course is fully residential and all meals are provided.  The Party Leader Course blends indoor lectures with outdoor simulated incidents to provide participants with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, ability and experience of locating, accessing, stabilizing and transporting casualties from mountain environments.

The cost of the course is as follows:

Members of MRI Teams:

€80 Residential
€40 Non-Residential

Members of non-MRI Teams:

€120 Residential
€80 Non-Residential.

To register for the course please follow the link below.  Each participant must register using this form.  Once registered an invoice will be issued to your team.

The Participant Registration Form is available at:

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