PPE Inspection Competent Person


Ideal for Team Equipment Officers and Team Members who are interested and ‘hands on’ with equipment

1 Day Inspection Course

Scottish MR in conjuction with AquaTerra Training –  www.aquaterra.co.uk – are offering a bespoke PPE Inspection Course, covering the following subject matters:

• legislation/regulation
• equipment & systems identification
• inspection regimes
• equipment inspection
• conformity certification
• practical demos
• defective equipment

The following kit will be looked at with regards to Inspection:

• Helmets
• Ropes
• Harnesses
• Connectors
• Slings
• Ascenders/Decenders
• Belay devices inc. ID; GriGri & Grillon
• Energy Absorbing Devices
• Buoyancy Aids

There will also be a practical exam – more based on visual checks – in order to be “certified” as “competent”.

Training packs will be supplied by AquaTerra Training, including templates, which can be adapted to individual Teams’ needs.

Maximum of 8 participants per course


Scottish Mountain Rescue, formerly known as The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland, is a registered Scottish Charity – number SC045003