Search Management


Course Outline

Designed for team members who wish to learn or develop their understanding of search management.

The aim of this course is to train team members in missing persons search management techniques within a Scottish Mountain Rescue context. This course introduces established best practice recognised by multi agencies and additionally provides appreciation of police requirements in relation to search standards.

Pre-Course Requirements

In order to ensure the smooth running of the course all candidates are asked to ensure they observe the following conditions:

  • Have an interest in the subject of search management
  • For insurance purposes participants are requested to sign on with their team prior to course attendance. This is an absolute must procedure.
  • For your comfort and safety please ensure you have appropriate outdoor equipment for this course. i.e. waterproofs, team radio.

Example Program

Friday Evening
Time Topic
8.00pm Course Welcome & Administration*
8.10pm Why do we have a process?*
8.20pm Identifying a process*
9.00pm Evening concludes*
8.00am Breakfast
9.00am The Process*
10.00am TT1-1 Inc 5 min debrief
10.30am Break – Tea/Coffee
11.00am TT1-2 Inc 5 min debrief
11.30am TT1-3 Inc 5 min debrief
12.00pm Debrief of mornings events
12.15pm Lunch
1.15pm Information Gathering – Lost person behaviour
2.00pm Case study – ‘narrowing the search’
2.35pm Using information and local knowledge. Building scenarios, sectoring, prioritising, briefing. How long will it take?
2.50pm TT4
3.40pm Break – Tea/Coffee
4.00pm TT5
4.45pm Introduction to Mountain Map*
5.05pm Using SARLOC*
5.25pm Web Base Searching*
6.00pm Dinner
7.30pm Mobile phone data – interpretation and use*
7.45pm Skills stations x 3*
9.00pm Evening concludes*
8.00am Breakfast
9.00am Rick management/Now find this
9.30am Assets – Multi Agency Working
9.50am Assets – Searching with Helicopters
10.15am Assets – Use of Dogs
10.30am Table top 3/So you think you can search/Initial response
11.00am Break – Tea/Coffee
11.20am Table top 3/So you think you can search – continued
12.00pm Table top 3/Situation report
12.15pm Lunch
1.00pm Table top 3 finals*
2.00pm Exercise debrief*
2.30pm Plenary*
3.30pm Depart
*With Digital Mapping


Scottish Mountain Rescue, formerly known as The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland, is a registered Scottish Charity – number SC045003