SMR Advanced Rigging

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Venue: Dundonnell
Accommodation: The Dundonnell Hotel
Dates: 23rd-25th August 2019
Accommodation is provided for this course.

Gorge and Canyon Systems

Course Outline

Designed for team members with current practical skills and knowledge of the SMR Rigging Practitioner course, or equivalent knowledge and experience level of technical rescue systems.

Canyoning and Gorge walking has become very popular throughout Scotland and presents a unique challenge to the rescue teams. Extracting a casualty from confined spaces with difficult access and variable terrain presents a unique set of problems and solutions.

We will look at both bank systems which will include ‘Tyrolean’ type systems and of single side access including frame systems to aid edge transition.

The programme will update and improve your practical technical rigging knowledge and skills in the field. This course will provide:

  • Practical skills workshops & scenarios
  • Theoretical training & discussion groups

By the end of the weekend programme you will be able to:

  • Understand a tensioned line rescue system
  • Understand advanced hauling techniques
  • Understanding angle theory for tensioned lines
  • Understand tensioned system language/definitions
  • Understand singe side extraction techniques.
  • Use of frame systems ( edge transition )

Sufficient personal equipment is required to enable candidates to operate within a mountainous and canyon environment and in all weather conditions for the duration of the course. For your comfort and safety please ensure you have appropriate personal safety equipment for this course.

In particular, participants must bring:  Midge net, midge spray, Harness, helmet, team radio + spare battery, personal MR and crag rescue kit.

Please note; participants need to be prepared to work on steep terrain and cliff/canyon environments.

Friday – Evening Programme

Time Topic Trainers
1900 Course Welcome & Administration

Course programme

Course welcome


Lecture: Introduction to suspension systems

Forces and vectors

All training staff


Site Safety and Situational Awareness

Equipment overview

All training staff


Social All


Time Topic Trainers
08.30 Course Assembles All



Practical Skills Stations:

a)       Tensioning lines

MPD’s – ID’s – Pully and Prussics

b)       Load limiting – release systems

11.00 Practical sessions system construction

A) Tyrolean English Reeve

B)  Lowering Main Line Tyrolean (petzl)

12.30 Lunch  



Single side rescues

Frame systems



Question and Answer session

Equipment check

17.30 Break & Return to base  


Stretcher rigging


19.00 Finish All


Time Topic Trainers
08.00 Course Assembles

Depart for Venue

 08.30 Tyrolean exercise


Frame exercise

1630 Course Review



Scottish Mountain Rescue, formerly known as The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland, is a registered Scottish Charity – number SC045003